Lately we have been . . .

~enjoying the 'wilds' of summer in full swing . . . thick air, bright sun, and fresh veggies from our desperately weedy jungle of a garden and most especially our farm share (tomatoes were green- and fried!- last week, this week deep red, orange, yellow, pink and splitting with vine-ripeness . . . mmm)

~caught up in the intense and wonderful whirlwind of a four-day craft show in Maine, a 70-hour wood kiln firing, and an impromptu multi-generation + multi-family reunion on the farm

~getting our feet back on the ground after said whirlwind . . . taking a brief pause to catch our breath before the next big push

~feeling grateful for all of the positivity and encouragement coming our way, and so very thankful for the incredible support of our families and friends and random emails of kindness (we couldn't do this without you!)

We have also been . . .

~putting the finishing touches on as many pots as we could make in what amounted to a three-week period after unloading our first firing

~appreciating each others' craftsmanship (constantly surprised and amazed by what the other comes up with) and thinking we are just beginning to scratch the surface of all the things we hope to make!

~feeling the ups and downs of the summer studio we set up under the kiln shed (pro: great view, short and scenic commute, con: blowing wind and cracking fast-drying large pottery)

~honored by the presence of Becca's west-coast-dwelling brother Jeremy and his lovely lady Kate for help with our second firing (and hoping they love this kiln-glasses fashion shot as much as we do)

We are . . .

~thinking and hoping very much that the cooling kiln that awaits us just *might* be a good firing (all signs so far point to good changes since the first try . . . we flattened a lot more cones this time! translation: it got hotter in there!)

~knowing there will undoubtedly be many surprises, good and bad, when we finally get to peek at this second go-round next week

~glad to have tried a shorter and less consumptive (wood) firing

~readying for our biggest show of the year, a truly wonderful event, spanning nine days in August

~remembering how different the pace of life is in January ( . . . and maybe looking forward to it- just a little bit!)

We hope you are all enjoying a wonderful summer . . .

~Becca + Nathan


after the fair

wood kiln, kiln building

The days following our nine-day Fair are always ones of regrouping, resettling, and let's be honest- recovering! This past week we have:

- enjoyed the heavy rain that came from the sky the day we got home . . . unpacking had to wait a day! (it's so much easier to take a day off when it's raining!) - watched the sun come out, got unpacked, and then repacked for the Farmer's Market - picked up clay to make the dinner plates, lunch plates, and wedding bowls ordered over the summer - photographed and posted new pottery in our shop - celebrated a birthday and an anniversary - paddled down a swollen river for the former of those celebrations, and shared a 2-year old frozen whoopie pie for the later! - marveled at how Nathan managed to finish the hard brick layer on the first chamber of our kiln while the Fair was in full swing - spent some days approaching completion of the second chamber - enjoyed harvesting our potatoes, onions, carrots, and garlic - weathered a dramatic thunderstorm huddled together under the kiln shed - a storm that dropped veritable ice cubes from the sky!

We hope you enjoyed this week, too!

the latest

These days we are: -Enjoying the arrival of summer, bashful as she may be. -Finding hours here and there for brick laying, and closing the gap at the top of our form!

anagama wood kiln

We are: -Constructing the side entry door to the big chamber and weaving bricks in and around it. -Watching the door to the soda chamber slowly take shape, and finding the ports we cast this winter their forever homes.

These days, we are also: -Mixing work and home life (always!) -Spending time with family, drying next winter's wood, putting in fence posts, and watching the garden grow . . .

We hope this last day of June finds you well!