about Becca + Nathan

we are husband-and-wife potters wood-firing our handmade pottery on an old homestead in Vermont


our story


One day, ten years ago, the phone rang in Becca's pottery studio.

It was Nathan - a potter in Vermont and a total stranger at the time- calling to see if Becca would teach a clay workshop at his studio.

Two hours into the phone call, we were still happily talking . . . and three months later, we were engaged.

We decided we would live and work on an old hill farm in rural Vermont.  But there was much work to be done to make it happen.

We soon began collecting bricks for the wood-fired kiln we had both dreamed of, and spent our first five years together designing and building ourselves such a kiln, under a barn, and a timber frame studio that today houses Two Potters.


our kiln


We designed + built our wood-burning kiln over 3 years.  Our pottery is fired day + night for 4 full days, during which time we stoke the kiln with scrap slab wood to a temperature of over 2300 degrees Fahrenheit. The ash from the burning wood makes a natural glaze on the pottery.

The kiln cools for a week before we can unload the 1200+ pieces that fill the two chambers. 

It takes us several months to fill the kiln, and month to complete a firing cycle - loading, firing, cooling, unloading, and readying the work for sale.

Additional pieces are fired in a small electric kiln, which is powered in part by solar-panels on the roof of our showroom, once the milk house for a dairy farm.  The sun also offsets power to our wheels and studio electricity needs.

You can see photos of our kiln building process here.


our studio


We "commute" across our lawn to work in the timber-frame studio we built in 2013. We tag-team hanging out with our two young kids and making pottery.

We make stoneware bowls and mugs, mason jars, spoon rests, fermenting crocks, butter keepers and more.

Our pottery is available here on our website, as well as from our studio in Vermont, at shows and markets in New England, as well as for custom wedding registries and dinnerware sets.

We feel so lucky to be doing what we love.  Thank you for following along on our journey!

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