How / when can I buy a turquoise bird mug (or anything else)?

Our shop is updated with new work several times throughout the year. We announce the date + time through our newsletter (most reliable way) and our social media. Pottery released in our shop updates is first-come, first-serve.

Can you make me ___________?

For many years, we made nearly every piece that was requested of us. This year, we have decided to take our first-ever “creative sabbatical” to pursue new ideas + have more freedom in the studio. We will continue to make dinnerware, and hope this new model will also make plates + bowls more readily available to a wider audience!


Can I visit your studio?

Yes, by appointment! Our best days are currently Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays with advanced notice. Please let us know when you’ll be in our area, and we’ll see what we can do!

We are usually able to give a quick tour of our kiln + studio. We have pottery firsts + seconds for sale - often a different selection that what you will find in our online shop. Contact Us!

Do you teach pottery classes?

At the moment, we can only recommend other studios in the area (VT). Check out Third Branch Pottery in Randolph, The Mud Studio in Middlesex, and Craft Studies in Hanover, NH.


Can I carry your work in my shop or gallery?

As our production is limited, we are not selling wholesale at this time.

You really only fire once a year?!

Yes, and no. We have a small electric kiln (offset by solar!) that we fire periodically, but our large wood-fired kiln, which includes the majority of our signature work, is currently only fired once in the late Spring! As our children reach school age, we hope to complete 2+ firings.

I’d like to learn to wood-fire. Can I participate in one of your firings?

Our crew is a hard-working bunch, many of whom we’ve met through the internet! :) If you’re interested in joining us for a kiln work session / potluck get-together, typically involving stacking wood + grinding kiln shelves, we can then evaluate kiln space for continued work trade! You may email Nathan ( nathanwebbpottery [at] ) with your interest.

I want to be a potter / maker / artist. What advice do you have?

Make what you love - it will show in your work + people will want a part of it.

Start by selling your work in person - you will learn a LOT.

Be kind + curteous + professional - it doesn’t matter what business you are in, customer service is really important.

Work on your photography - beautiful imagery goes a long way.

Marketing is not a dirty word! ;) You can learn how to do it in an authentic way that enhances your brand without seeming like a “salesperson.” (insert shameless plug : Becca teaches this stuff! check out the next class)