after the fair

wood kiln, kiln building

The days following our nine-day Fair are always ones of regrouping, resettling, and let's be honest- recovering! This past week we have:

- enjoyed the heavy rain that came from the sky the day we got home . . . unpacking had to wait a day! (it's so much easier to take a day off when it's raining!) - watched the sun come out, got unpacked, and then repacked for the Farmer's Market - picked up clay to make the dinner plates, lunch plates, and wedding bowls ordered over the summer - photographed and posted new pottery in our shop - celebrated a birthday and an anniversary - paddled down a swollen river for the former of those celebrations, and shared a 2-year old frozen whoopie pie for the later! - marveled at how Nathan managed to finish the hard brick layer on the first chamber of our kiln while the Fair was in full swing - spent some days approaching completion of the second chamber - enjoyed harvesting our potatoes, onions, carrots, and garlic - weathered a dramatic thunderstorm huddled together under the kiln shed - a storm that dropped veritable ice cubes from the sky!

We hope you enjoyed this week, too!