sunday in the studio

They say if you don't like the weather in Vermont, wait five minutes.  The day dawned with a quick ski around our snowy land (very important to exercise Lego the puppy before cooping him up in the studio for a bunch of hours!), and finished with a mud-boots-walk around bare, wet fields.  By afternoon, the snow had completely disappeared from all but the northern slopes.

I mention the weather because the gorgeously sunny 55 degrees outside forced me to summon an extra bit of willpower to stay inside and work . . .one of the bitter-sweet things about clay is that it won't wait around indefinitely for you; you have to tend to it when the time is right.  I had a few teapots, a couple small jars, and a board of mugs waiting for white slip and decoration.  It's work that I really enjoy doing, and add to that some great NPR programming, a fantastic new Red Molly album, and a cute four-legged side kick, and it was a pretty great way to round out the weekend.

handmade pottery

With fifty-plus-degree weather in the forecast for most of this week, we'll be shifting our focus out-of-doors to the last few weeks (??) of work on the new kiln! We're prepping for mudding/adobe/skin coat . . . call it what you will, but in any case, it'll be bye-bye brick work pretty soon. We'll keep you posted.

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