kiln shed love

A quick photo comparison of the past couple of months (January 2012 to March 2012) . . . we spent a good portion of January outside in the odd non-winter weather working on the kiln shed, and we LOVE how things have changed out there.  Aside from now being 10 feet longer, the shed lost its unsightly, windblown tarp of a back wall (that was up for well over a year), and has graduated to an actual back wall of lovely local ship-lap siding.  (This works oh-so-much better at keeping out the snow, now that winter has finally decided to arrive!)  But the best part of all is the 'sky-lights' we installed between our roofing panels.  It's amazing how much light that brings into the back of the building . . . and we're looking forward to even more light in the form of windows along the west wall, and the eventual disappearance of rusty-metal tin roofing-turned-siding that is keeping the snow out!

It sometimes it seems these little improvements are even sweeter because they didn't happen right away . . . good things made even better by the simple fact of waiting and dreaming . . .

(A few more photos of the back wall here.  And I'm sure there will be more soon, as spring arrives and we begin staining the outside of those lovely boards, adding more windows . . . so much to look forward to!)