dreaming a little

The days following our biggest show of the year are ones of re-setting and attempting to ground ourselves in our life and our home.  Pushing to get the kiln finished and two large firings loaded and fired and packed up and the booth built and set up and the nine days of retail sales did amount to some fatigue.  I imagine it's something like trying to stop running after a long race . . . kind of hard to slow down mentally, even when the body is exhausted. And yet the gratitude and positivity overflow.  Knowing this entire process went more successfully than we imagined is a huge motivator, and a week and a half later, after a couple of days away (wow!), the unpacking and resetting is (mostly) done and the strong desire to get back to our big projects has returned.

Let the dreaming begin . . .

Dreaming of a day in the not-so-distant future when our pottery can be made at home.  That is, in the same place as our kiln.  (Revolutionary, after four years of hauling pots here and there and everywhere.)

Dreaming of a 200-foot commute across our lawn, warm tea mug in hand.

Dreaming of a time when my office and my photo-taking set-up and my storage and my showroom are all in ONE place, under ONE roof.  (Will I miss walking between buildings?!?  Not today.)

Dreaming of working in my own sun-lit space, just a sliding barn door away from my materials, and another sliding door away from my husband, working in his sun-lit space.

I know enough about the building process to know that we have oh-so-much hard work ahead of us.  I understand that the simplicity of these dreams will never feel quite so simple in reality- that for months, or let's be honest- for years ahead- the studio walls will be uncovered, the floors unfinished, the ceiling uninsulated, the interior walls unframed, the space largely unheated.

I also know that some day, those things will be done and we'll look back and think, "how did we do it all?" and "where did the time go?" and "I'm so glad we dreamed so big."

Here's to a little day-dreaming now and then.