good morning

It is a good morning. Before the late summer sun broke through the mist, the dog and I have run the woods trail, the chickens are out scratching in their new fence, and there is wild peppermint tea in my new mug.

I had forgotten the joy a new mug could bring - something fresh and handmade to wake up to in my kitchen. I was lucky enough to find this sweet piece on the first day of the Fair, made by one of my favorite potters.

I had forgotten how much I love 'discovering' a new piece of pottery slowly over many mornings. Seeing it in new light, turning it over to find new fingerprints left from its maker, the sustained pleasure of determining which tea tastes best.  I slow down a little.

As a maker, it is so nice to be reminded of these simple joys. I imagine others, in sunny kitchens or home offices, slowly discovering the joy of something we have made.

And so we keep making . . .

Enjoy the morning. ~Becca