in our home

One of the best things about having 'fresh pottery' is seeing it in our home.  People are always remarking that we must have a great set of dishes . . . well, it's something akin to the old saying about the cobbler's children going unshod- yes, we have handmade dishes, but no, they don't match, and usually we got to keep them because there was some flaw or another.  We don't mind.  It certainly adds character to every meal!

On other occasions, a piece is waiting on the kitchen table to be shipped or go to a show - and I can't resist putting flowers or vegetables in it ever so briefly!  And every once in a while (i.e. very rarely), we just might decide to *keep* something especially beautiful for ourselves, just to remember where we've come from and what our best work was in that snapshot of time.  It is this quest for beauty- for the 'perfect pot' - that keeps us going and making and loving what we do.