Fall Newsletter 2010

We hope this newsletter finds you enjoying the fall colors!   First and foremost, a huge thank-you to those of you who visited us at our various fairs, festivals, and farmers markets.  We were excited to show our new work together, and it was a great year!  It's now time to buckle-down on the home front, focus on building our new kiln, and plan for a proper studio next year.

UPCOMING EVENTS: Join us at our place (123 Scammel Lane, Bethel, VT  05032) for our Fall Open Studio!  The gallery will be open with our pottery, and we'll be showing folks around the kiln site, where the new kiln is coming right along.  Hope you can make it: Saturday and Sunday, October 9th & 10th, from 10 am to 5pm, and Monday, October 11th, 10am to 3pm.  We'll have homebaked treats and cider, and wood by the stove in case the fall chill returns!  As always, if you can't make this event, you are more than welcome to call or email to set up another time to visit.  Directions

KILN BUILDING: It's starting to look like a kiln!   We finished the climbing foundation work at the end of August (phew!), and have been putting in long hours laying out the floor.  The floor includes two layers of insulating brick (to prevent the concrete foundation from exploding from the heat!) topped with a layer of hard brick where we'll stack shelves of pottery.  It's somewhat slow going, in part because we're building some air channels into the sub-floor to help burn wood used during side stoking.  Once the floor is layed out, we'll build various mini-arches as flues between chambers, and then build a giant arch of plywood and lathe to hold up the brick walls until the arch is self-supporting.  The long and short of it is: good progress, still a long way to go!  You can see more photos here.

THE END OF AN ERA: It's hard to believe, but the kiln in Eaton, New Hampshire, that started it all for Becca has been dismantled!  In a somewhat emotional five days of very hard, hot work, we unstacked the large gas kiln at Becca's first studio, brick by brick.  For almost two years now, we have been traveling to NH to make and fire our pottery.  We knew this wasn't a long-term solution, and after we had unloaded the last pieces of pottery needed for our summer shows, we knew it was time.  The real reason behind the dismantling was the desire to recycle the thousands of bricks in our new kiln.  You can read more about this process and see photos in Becca's blog post about the big event below.

EXCITING TIDBITS: Nathan has been accepted into 500 Raku!  This is his second book acceptance in six months; we're awaiting the release of 500 Vases, by Lark Books, due out this fall.  Also, we will both be appearing in the Cup and Mug Invitational, an exhibition at the Artisans Gallery in Northampton, MA, opening in November 12th- December 31st.

NEW BLOG: As you may have noticed, we're now hosting our newsletter on our new blog!  We will both be blogging about all manner of things, including our kiln progress, our favorite pieces of pottery, our new work, and much more.  Hope you can follow along!

Thank you for your support!


Becca and Nathan