equine escapades

We had an unexpected visit from some new neighbors this week.  Apparently unsatisfied with the fresh grass offerings in their field, Red, Rolly, and Rosie broke through their fence for greener pastures . . . in other words, they ended up at our place.

As per usual, Lego kept an eye on everything ('guarding' us is his favorite job), and with a little training and guidance from Nathan, had his first introduction to large animals.  He even got a little nuzzling from the smallest of the bunch.


Aside from the frolicking and the abundance of tasty grasses, the biggest hit of the day was this handmade planter-turned-water bowl we keep at the kiln site.  The horses were really into it.  Pretty awesome . . .

Note:  As it so happens, these horses are looking for new homes.  (No, I don't think we're ready to keep them ourselves!  I can't really see filling up the kiln shed- our only barn, as it were- with hay . . .)  If anyone out there is interested, be in touch!