before & after

wood kiln, kiln building

I'm a big fan of 'before & after' photos.  It's just that more often than not, I seem to get to the completed stage and realize that I never took a 'before' shot.  Well, when a project takes 2 or 3 years, it's a little easier to ensure those photos get taken, and in the case of our refurbished milkshed pottery showroom and large wood-fired kiln, the changes are pretty dramatic.  (By the way, the kiln is not quite done, so I felt I had to put the "after" in quotations!)

This Memorial Day Weekend (2012), we're proud to be part of the 20th Annual Vermont Studio Tour, happening at over 200 studios all over this beautiful state.  As we prepare for this open studio event, I can't help but reflect back on what past visitors have seen, and how far we've come since the last time we opened our doors.  (I can't believe that during our first studio tour, we literally showed folks the giant hole in the ground 'complete' with concrete slab for the kiln we would be building.  Now that we're nearly done, two years later, I hope some of those same people will come back and see that we were actually serious: we actually built a giant kiln!)

For more information on the Vermont Studio Tour, including a downloadable-for-print map, check out the Vermont Crafts Council site here.

For a direct link to our Google map location, including driving directions from your house, click here.

Hope to see you!