glazes + finishes for custom orders

we fire our stoneware pottery in either wood or electric kilns.  all glazes + surfaces are food + dishwasher safe. 

wood-fired glazes vary piece to piece and between firings.  we've tried to represent a variety of results here! 

of course, please be in touch with any additional questions you may have.  thanks!  ~Becca + Nathan


finish : wood-fired   style : Nathan's dinner plate   glaze : Oatmeal*    


*our Oatmeal glaze is a smooth speckled somewhat-shiny surface with white/cream/brown/tan/peach tones. (Available on dinnerware + everything else!)


finish : wood-fired     glaze : Oatmeal     style : Nathan's dinner plate


finish : wood-fired     glaze : Oatmeal    style : Becca's soup bowl


finish : wood-fired     glaze : Oatmeal    style : Becca's snack bowl


left to right : classic utensil crock in Turquoise ; small succulent planter in Rustic White ; mason jar in Oatmeal    


finish : wood-fired     glaze : Turquoise*     style : jelly jar wine cups


left to right : jelly jar wine cups in Turquoise ; pitcher in Natural Ash   


finish : wood-fired    glaze : Natural Ash*   style : Becca's soup bowls


finish : wood-fired    glaze : Natural Ash   style : Becca lovebirds mug


finish : wood-fired    glaze : Russet   style : manhandle mug + pitcher


finish : wood-fired    glaze : Celadon   style : lovebirds tumbler


finish : wood-fired   glaze : Matte Black*  style : mason utensil crock


finish : wood-fired     glaze : Turquoise     style : mason butter keeper


*our Turquoise glaze is a smooth matte surface with quite a bit of variation from bright Robin's Egg to a more green-ish blue with occasional touches of Lavender Blush. (Available on the outsides of pieces only.)


glazes pictured : Rustic White, Goldenrod, Turquoise, Oatmeal


*Natural Ash is the bare clay colored only by the ash from the burning wood in our firing.  It is often characterized by speckled caramel + brown tones.  While we sand it smooth, it is definitely our most "rustic" glaze.  (Available on dinnerware + everything else!)


finish : wood-fired    glaze : Natural Ash   style : flower bowl / vase


finish : wood-fired    glaze : Goldenrod   style : round mug


glazes pictured : Matte Black*, Celadon**

*Matte Black is a very dry but attractive glaze which can actually be used like a chalkboard!  (Available on outsides only.)

**Celadon is a pale blue/gray glaze with a glossy sheen. (Available on dinnerware + everything else.)

IMG_9990 (1).jpg

top row (left-right) : Russet, Turquoise, Goldenrod  middle (l-r) : Turquoise, Goldenrod, Russet  bottom (l-r) : Goldenrod, Russet, Natural Ash


finish : electric (solar-power offset)    glaze : Rustic White*    left - right : Becca's dinner plate, everyday bowl (a.k.a. the plowl)


*Rustic White is in truth a bit of a mis-nomer as the feel of the glaze is smooth + glossy, not really rustic at all. This glaze takes its name from the bare-clay edges, which are rustic in appearance only, and are smooth to the touch.  The white color is brushed on, so you'll see some variation in color/depth from the brushing technique.


Dinnerware in Oatmeal, Flower Bowl in Turquoise.

Please be in touch with your preferences / questions / comments.  Thanks for your interest in custom pottery!