movin’ on up

I think it's safe to say that kiln building is not a fast process. (At least not when you're trying to keep up with four other part-time jobs, run a business, train a puppy, and tend to an old farmhouse!) In many ways, it feels as though the last two years of "projects" have all been preparation to get us to this point- the point when we are able to walk under cover of the big shed, with all of our materials and supplies and water and lights at the ready and make some major headway!

Things are really moving now. The courses of brick seem to be flying up the arch forms. The work is repetitive- and meditative!- and satisfying. Everywhere around us, things are blooming and growing and changing, and it's very fitting to watch the kiln do the same.

Here are some photos of our recent efforts! wood kiln, kiln building