brick by brick

Early signs of fall are all here, with just enough of a nip in the air to remind us that time is of the essence if we're going to (hopefully!) get this kiln built by winter. We've buckled down, completing the hard brick arch on the big chamber, the soda chamber, the soda chamber walls, and moving onto the collection flue (i.e. tapered arch that connects the kiln to the chimney) and the chimney foundation.

Nathan holding Lego's paws in silhouette on the kiln . . . oh, and a dear friend recently asked us if we'd be eating a lot of clams- what else could explain the countless buckets of clam strips that appear in seemingly every photo we take?!? The truth is that a local seafood shack offers up these sturdy little buckets for re purposing, and they hold our shims, brick pieces, castable, brick packing mix, you name it.