after the fair(s) :: thank you

We had a truly wonderful summer of shows, and we thank those of you who came out to see us - and those of you who shouted your support from the sidelines of these virtual spaces, too. :)

Our biggest show of the year, Sunapee, was a huge success.  It was fun and exciting to see and hear the responses to our new work, including our fermenting crocks, mason jars, and our new chalkboard glaze prototypes.

(By the by, we're now taking orders and requests for the next firing - we're thinking more of these plus chalkboard glaze on put-away pots and canisters!)

There were plenty of new twists on previous designs, too, and it's very fun to see what folks respond when we get the pots out of the studio and 'under the lights.'

It's hard to believe, but the once full kiln shed shelves are nearly empty now!  There were 1018 pieces in that kiln (!) . . . so nice to think of all the kitchens and homes that made space for our new pottery . . .

There are, however, some really nice pieces still here in our home studio shop.  We hope you'll give a call or an email if you'd like to visit.  We've also listed a great selection of new work in our online shop.  Have a look.

Again, many thanks for a great summer!

~Nathan and Becca