change of plans

If you've been following along here, you may have noticed that we had a little (OK, big) change of plans for our Summer.  The trailer that we take to shows is growing grass around it . . .


I must say, it seems a little counter-intuitive to announce the events that we're NOT doing, but since we've been doing them for 12 straight years, it feels like we should let you all know that we won't be there . . .

We missed you all at the Clam Festival in July.  We will really miss you all at the League of NH Craftsmen's Fair, which starts this weekend.  (Our year usually revolves around this show - it is so strange to not be there!)  We will also be bummed to skip the Norwich Farmers' Market- our dates were in late August.


The truth is, we had some unexpected challenges following the birth of our second child in April.  As a result, we needed to make some tough decisions about our working life.  Ultimately, they were decisions that have proved really positive for our family's health and well-being.  Thankfully, we are all doing really well now, and enjoying our first Summer as a family of four at a somewhat different pace.

As my friend Susan said, "clay keeps in a bag, small children don't." :)


What we ARE happily planning for this year is a big Fall wood-firing, and a Kiln Opening Celebration and Sale at our VT studio.  We'll have a full wood-kiln freshly unloaded with hundreds of new pieces, live music, food, and general merriment under the kiln barn.  Stay tuned for those dates, we'll be announcing them soon!

We also hope for a hearty update to our Etsy shop for those of you who can't make it to VT in the Fall.

Thanks, as always, for following along and supporting our handmade life!


Becca (and Nathan and the kids)

squam art fair

I'm packing up to go to the lakes region of New Hampshire this weekend for a small evening show that I've heard many great things about - it's the Squam Art Fair at Rockywold Deephaven Camp on Squam Lake in Holderness.  It's this Saturday night, June 6th, from 7:30pm to 10pm. IMG_8694

And though I should be making pots for the wood kiln (firing in less than a month!), I decided to make a small batch of brand-new work for this event. ;)


Here's a link to the other fine vendors you'll find.  We're looking forward to being a part of this!


open studio this weekend

IMG_7614 We're opening our studio this weekend!

Saturday and Sunday May 23rd + 24th, from 10am to 5pm.

Nathan at work in the new studio

Becca's studio space

We'll have the usual fun : open kiln with tours, open pottery studio, pottery and seconds sale, most likely some food.

*** Also *** we're psyched to have live music on Sunday from 12:30-3:30!  Matt Protas & The Amazing Expanding Band will be here playing music, which he fittingly describes as : "Americana forward with Delta Blues + Bluegrass notes, and a satisfying Folk finish." (Matt is also a sommelier of sorts at a local co-op ;) )


Our event is part of a fantastic larger event, the 25th year of Vermont Open Studio Tour put on by the Vermont Crafts Council, with over 200 artists' studios open statewide.

(more info and a printable map here)



studio stained


We hope you can make it!

~Becca + Nathan



(You may have noticed we've been a little absent here.  Because, well, toddlers + home renovation + running a business. No matter. We have missed you, and where better to start than the present? :) )  

Lately, we have been . . .




Making . . . yes, pottery! It might sound obvious, and I'm sure most people think we do this every day of the year (that would be so nice, eventually, we hope!) but pottery making has been the major thing missing from our working lives because we are also . . .


Renovating.  We spent the bulk of the winter months purging and packing the entire contents of our 1850's farmhouse in preparation for completely gutting the upstairs.  It's a huge project, brought on by the need for a little thing called insulation, and we find ourselves banging nails, running wires, and coordinating all the contractors and pieces and decisions at the same time as we try to prepare 800 pots for a firing.  I assure you, this was most definitely not the plan.  The renovation was supposed to happen in our "off season."

But there you have it, and so it goes . . . fortunately, we are comfortably camping out in the 600 square feet above our studio space, so we're not feeling too rushed to get the project done on a deadline (right now, anyway, check back with me at the end of the summer ;) ).  For now, not feeling too rushed plus not actually living in the mess, helps tremendously.


Taking a deep breath.  Apparently winter ended last week, and now it's summer.  Popping leaves, birds, green growing grass, daffodils, warm sun, mixing glazes outdoors.  We'll take it.



Prepping.  For our big firing of the year at the very end of June/beginning of July. We are so grateful for the energetic crew of potters and volunteers who help us with the four days of the firing itself, and all the tasks that go into being ready.

We had a really fun and productive work day a couple of weeks ago, where we stacked the holes in the kiln shed full of freshly cut slab wood, and started in on grinding and cleaning the kiln shelves.  We ate good food and laughed a lot.  It was the BEST of reminders of why we became wood-fired potters in the first place.  We can't do it all ourselves.  Exactly.


(Thank you Matt, Harrison, Jill, Lexi, Patty, and David!)


Lately, we are also . . .

Testing.  For Christmas, Nathan and I bought ourselves a new electric kiln. (Practical and romantic! ;) ) For various reasons since we met (as potters in separate states) it's been seven years of driving various fragile pieces to fire in other peoples kilns. (We can't thank you enough Tiffany, Stephanie, and Joan!) However, we decided we'd like to move on, and that we were ready to have everything we needed right here.


Although most of our pottery is single-fired in it's raw state in the wood kiln, the small electric kiln will allow us to bisque fire a few pieces for the wood kiln that are better glazed when not leather hard, which is how we typically slip/glaze our work.



Additionally, and most excitingly (that's a word?), we'll use the kiln the fire small batches of finished work - remember the silky white glaze with designs?!  It's actually quite nice, if I do say so myself, and the good news is that the preliminary results were really good.  We'll be able to finish small batches of work in between our every six-months-to-a-year wood-firings.  Hooray.


Enjoying.  Playing in the sand in the driveway, digging in the garden, splashing in water and moving rocks and feeding chickens and . . . oh we're having so much fun with our little one.  She's 1.5 years (wait, what?!) and so talkative, funny, happy, strong-minded, and loving.


We are tired (ahem) at the end of every day, and yet sooo ready to scoop her up again come morning.


Readying. For VT Open Studio, this coming Memorial Day Weekend.  Our studio - and over 200 others around the state will be open Saturday May 23rd and Sunday May 24th from 10am to 5pm.  We love this event.  (Can we top last year?!)


Join us for the Tour in our area, there's lots to see!  downloadable and printed map request here


You guys, we hope it won't be so long before we check back in.  Stay with us. :)


Becca (and Nathan)

save the date : holiday open studio

Save the date: our Holiday Open Studio and Sale : December 6th & 7th, 11am to 4pm at our place. IMG_4517

We'll have a great selection of new wood-fired work from our fall firing - including gift ideas like fermenting crocks, butter keepers, coffee and tea mugs, mason jars, and serving bowls for holiday get-togethers.  As per usual, it'll be a chance to tour our kiln if you haven't been here before, and get some deals on discounted pottery.

See you then!  And if you can't make it to Vermont, we'll be posting new work in our Etsy shop in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned for an announcement on that!

~Becca and Nathan