new pieces in our shop!

Everything is moving a little slower around here these days (OK, maybe it's just ME that's moving slower!), but I've finally gotten a nice selection of new wood-fired pottery photographed and posted for sale in our online shop. Here are some photo highlights of what's available (each photo is a direct link to the piece in our shop) . . .

This was a new vase shape this year, styled after the vintage french flower buckets I love so much.

Our new mason jar shapes were a big hit at shows - we made a bunch of sizes and styles, looking like small jelly jars (as in the ones with green glaze) or pint or quart canning jars.  While they don't take a screw lid (now that would be a feat of engineering reserved for slip-casting!), they are fun to drink wine or lemonade out of, use as vases, or to hold pencils or some such thing.  The shape is so classic and pleasing, I think.

Nathan made this gorgeous pitcher . . . it's one of the best examples of a natural ash glaze, topped only by the piece below . . . designed as a tall handle-less cup for tea, with a nice saucer to boot.  This piece is also glazed completely with wood ash in a multi-day firing.  The range of colors and textures takes the cake!

My pebble or stones designs have evolved over the years.  I love pooling glaze - in this case blue celadon - around the stones, each individually formed of the same clay as the plate itself - and inset in the center and the rim.  This plate is otherwise glazed and colored only with ash and flame.

These are what I call my 'flower bowl' design.  The narrow vase in the middle of the bowl holds a few flowers nicely, and the little cut-out at the base provides water to the stems.  They make a great centerpiece or window sill display.  Beyond being great for herbs or flowers in the spring, summer, and fall, we use ours at the holidays for balsam greens and holly berries.

Mugs, mugs galore!  There are bunch of new coffee and tea mugs in our shop, as well as some bigger ones that we tend to call 'brew fest' mugs.  The orange one below and this one were thrown by Nathan and I did the handles, the slip and the glaze. :)  We like mixing it up like that sometimes.  I had fun working on a different shape, and even better, we both really liked the final result.

There's also a couple of nice utensil crocks just listed - including this one (above) in a bold orange color, and another one that's sort of peachy with just ash on the outside.

Last but not least, there's a nice butter keeper with a matte pumpkin color outside and deep red glaze inside.  If you haven't used one of these, you *might* become a convert. :)  You can keep butter fresh out on the counter!  Butter gets packed into the 'cup' part of the lid, and water goes in the crock below it.  It makes a seal, but keeps the butter fresh and the best part - super soft and spreadable.  It's a joy to butter your morning toast!  (Every butter keeper now comes with a 'how-to-use-me' card including some little tips we've learned over the years.)

There's quite a bit more to see in the shop, so have a look if you have a minute.

As things sell, we always try to replace them, but please feel free to email us to ask about anything in particular. We almost always have other pieces in the showroom here at the studio, and are happy to send photos.

If pieces sell out entirely (which often happens with things like flower bowls and butter keepers and sometimes mugs), we can put your name on our 'wish list' and we'll hold one from the next firing for you!

Thanks so much for supporting folks like us making handmade craft!





good morning

I had forgotten how much I love 'discovering' a new piece of pottery slowly over many mornings. Seeing it in new light, turning it over to find new fingerprints left from its maker, the sustained pleasure of determining which tea tastes best. I slow down a little. As a maker, it is so nice to be reminded of these simple joys. I imagine others, in sunny kitchens or home offices, slowly discovering the joy of something we have made.. . . .

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sunday in the studio

They say if you don't like the weather in Vermont, wait five minutes.  The day dawned with a quick ski around our snowy land (very important to exercise Lego the puppy before cooping him up in the studio for a bunch of hours!), and finished with a mud-boots-walk around bare, wet fields.  By afternoon, the snow had completely disappeared from all but the northern slopes.

I mention the weather because the gorgeously sunny 55 degrees outside forced me to summon an extra bit of willpower to stay inside and work . . .one of the bitter-sweet things about clay is that it won't wait around indefinitely for you; you have to tend to it when the time is right.  I had a few teapots, a couple small jars, and a board of mugs waiting for white slip and decoration.  It's work that I really enjoy doing, and add to that some great NPR programming, a fantastic new Red Molly album, and a cute four-legged side kick, and it was a pretty great way to round out the weekend.

handmade pottery

With fifty-plus-degree weather in the forecast for most of this week, we'll be shifting our focus out-of-doors to the last few weeks (??) of work on the new kiln! We're prepping for mudding/adobe/skin coat . . . call it what you will, but in any case, it'll be bye-bye brick work pretty soon. We'll keep you posted.

Just a reminder that we've disabled comments on the blog because of spam . . . if you have a question or a friendly comment, we'd love to hear from you on our Facebook page.

fall favorites

It's been a busy fall here on our "pottery farm," as we like to call home. (For now, at least, the primary crop on this farm is pottery.) It's hard to believe it's already time to put on the flannel-lined work pants in front of the wood stove! But there's nothing like the impending winter to motivate the outside projects, and we've been working steadily on all fronts.

Over the past few weeks we have been:

~enjoying visitors to the milkshed gallery during leaf-peeping season, including the first-ever Foliage Studio Tour (a success!)

~loving when said visitors bring their dogs to play with our oh-so-very-exuberant beast rascal puppy

~sending out kiln shelf share certificates to our "csa" members (number 70 just went out this morning, wow!)

~loving the last of the fall flowers in our vases (or collaboratively-made tumblers, as the case may be)

~putting the finishing touches on two wedding registries for two fabulous couples

~traveling to a good friend's kiln for a kiln-firing sleep-over to complete one of those registries (thank you, Tiffany!!)

~packing and shipping and packing and shipping, and occasionally finding treats left-behind by the co-op in our recycled packing peanuts (most recently a small water-based nail polish for our potters' fingers???)

~oh, by the way, one of those boxes of pottery went to the Artisans Gallery in Northampton, Massachusetts, for the 4th Annual Cup and Mug Invitational, where you'll find a great collection of handmade mugs and cups, november 11th-december 31st

~most of all, building the massive collection of bricks that is the chimney of our kiln! (we're really gaining on it- more on that soon)

~and most importantly, truly enjoying the work, especially when that means being home together for an uninterrupted string of days, working steadily towards this wild wood-fired dream of ours . . .

Cup and Mug Invitational

We are really pleased to be included in this group of 50 potters for the upcoming Cup and Mug Invitational at the Artisans Gallery in Northampton, Massachusetts. The show opens this Friday, November 12th, from 5 to 7pm, and if I'm doing my math correctly, there should be over 300 handmade cups and mugs! handmade pottery exhibit

Here's a little preview of what we sent down for the show! Nathan sent a pair of these tall tumblers in pale blue celadon with a lovely slip-resist flower, along with four of his popular pottery "shooters."

Becca sent a couple of these so-called cappuccino mugs, and four other generously sized coffee and tea mugs. Hope you can make it to the show! It runs through December 31st. Enjoy!

handmade pottery, pottery mug

New Pottery In Our Online Shop!

With autumn on the way, we've posted a few new pieces for sale in our online shop!  Becca has been happily making mugs while dreaming about cozy cups of tea as the fall air moves in . . . that said, it's almost 80 degrees in Vermont today!  Nonetheless, there are some new beauties, including a new flower bowl design and the footprint bowls.  Check out the new work here: (And notice how you can sort using the drop-down menus- there are SALE items, too!)