thank you kiln shelf share holders!

Last spring, we launched a little program we liked calling our "CSA."   And we were overwhelmed and delighted by the support it got!   We sold 85 kiln shelf shares to over 60 different people from all over the country, including people who knew us and people who didn't! This winter, thanks to the generosity of the 'shareholders', we were able to purchase beautiful new and new-to-us silicon carbide kiln shelves for our new wood kiln!  We love that we were able to get the bulk of the shelves from a small, independent business in the rural midwest.  (Thanks, Billy!)  The shelves arrived over a period of a couple of weeks, packed snugly in very heavy crates, and are now waiting patiently at the kiln site for us to be ready to use them.  (Soon, very soon.)

A HUGE thank- you to those of you who helped us get to this point.  We are so grateful for your support and encouragement, and will be thanking you in the form of new pottery very soon . . .

If you have questions about your share, or our kiln shelf shares program, please feel free to contact us at

our CSA . . . community supported art

Introducing Kiln Shelf Shares!

We’re hoping to raise funds for purchasing kiln shelves by selling Kiln Shelf Shares. This is essentially a pre-buy of pottery, like a traditional CSA, where the farmers (potters) get funds ahead of time to grow (make) their “crop!”

The very large kiln we’re building will require 100 or more sturdy shelves for stacking our pottery upon during the firings. These shelves are made of silicon carbide, and are able to withstand many years of firings in a molten environment . . . which also makes them fairly expensive.

How it works: -You buy a Kiln Shelf Share for $60. -We buy a kiln shelf. -You get a $90 certificate for our pottery! (Redeemable when the kiln is completed and fired- we’ll send you an invitation to our first kiln opening.)

Shares are available in our online shop, or over the phone or via email.

A few more details: You can purchase as many shares as you like, either for yourself, or as a gift for someone.  (Weddings and birthdays?!) We will mail you or your giftee a certificate for the Kiln Shelf Share. Shares are redeemable at our Studio, or in our Online Shop at (Your share can go toward shipping costs.) Shares will not expire, but can not apply to custom orders or offers of free shipping.

Please be in touch if you have any questions.  Thanks for supporting Community Supported Art!