summer studio

When there are hundreds of pots to be made for a firing in three short weeks in the middle of summer, the most natural thing to do would be to make pots AT the kiln.  Well, it turns out to be the most natural thing for two potters whose studio is currently 20 minutes from home.  All of the pottery for our first firing was made in our rented space in the next valley over, and nearly all of it was packed up carefully in its green/unfired state and driven (slowly) home to the kiln.  Craziness!  But when the weather is beautiful, and the kiln shed is spacious and welcoming, and there are even wheels and ware boards and wire racks waiting in storage on the farm, why not set up an impromptu studio?!

There are of course the 'elements' to deal with- passing thunderstorms, wind blowing plastic off the pots, and dogs lounging on the wedging board, but so far so good.  Between sanding pots and readying pieces for sale, we enjoyed a little collaboration: I was happily altering the rims of Nathan's lovely vase forms and doing a little green glazing to boot.  We adjusted to the pace of the dry weather- throwing, trimming, glazing, and yes, even wadding and loading the pieces into the kiln in the very same day.  (We hear stories of potters in places like Wyoming where it is usually dry enough to throw and handle mugs in the same day, but this was new to us, and certainly changes the flow of work!)

Some day (soon, we hope), we'll have a proper studio on the farm, but for now, what could be more fun than nuzzling the puppy and watching the antics of our seven-week old chickens between throwing and trimming pots?!

Have a wonderful week.