studio building : framing and roofing

Last week was a cold, but very sunny stretch here.  We were able to make big progress, nearly completing the diagonal framing, including these beautiful gable ends.  (Sort of reminds us of the windows at the Stone Mountain Arts Center!)

This past week also brought the installation of our first windows!!  We can't get over the view from up there . . . and the way the cupola adds to the building.  We love it all.

We even got the roof done!  (Good news because we've had a very winter-y mix of weather in the days since.)  Nice to be all buttoned up on top . . . kudos to the roof crew - Nathan, Bob, Caleb, and George.  I stayed firmly 'grounded' and passed panels, closures, caulk, screws, flashing, fascia boards, and ridge cap their way over the course of two and a half days.  (Feels GREAT to be done with that portion of things, and loving how the gray color ties in with all our other buildings!)

We are hoping to wrap this new studio up (like a giant present!) this weather-filled week, install windows and maybe even doors, start some siding (?!?) and finish a couple of other details before the holiday.

We are excited for the things still to come: a slab floor downstairs, insulation in the roof and walls, cozy radiant heat, and, oh, making pottery.  Soon!